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        1. COVID-19 Information

          See the latest updates and information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, including a list of University contact information at /covid19.

          Campus Visit

          a campus building aerial view

          The evolving nature of Coronavirus (COVID-19) requires us to be flexible in how we respond and provide service to you, our future students. In consideration of the safety of our visitors and campus community, we are suspending all campus visits at this time. Unfortunately, this includes cancellation of Show Me Day on Saturday, March 28.

           Campus Tours & Visits

          Nothing can compare to an in-person visit at Southeast Missouri State University. When we ask our students why they chose Southeast, they always say, "when I visited, I just fell in love." So, you can imagine our disappointment in not getting to share our campus with you during this unprecedented time for our nation. But, for the safety of our visitors and campus community, we are suspending all campus visits at this time.

          We still want to show you Southeast, so please view the photos, videos, and other resources on this page as a substitute for seeing our beautiful campus and meeting our amazing community until we have the opportunity to show you in person. And, if you have any questions or want to talk more, we’re still here for you as you explore your college options!

          Request Info

           Want a Campus Visit Preview?

          We aren’t currently scheduling campus visits, but you can take a mini tour of Southeast with the video below. And, while it may not completely compare to being here, you can do it from the comfort of your 安徽快3开奖直播 and without having to worry about it raining on your visit!

           Missouri's Prettiest City

          Even Architectural Digest thinks our 安徽快3开奖直播town is pretty spectacular.

          Explore Cape

           Our Beautiful Campus

          We think visiting campus is a great way to experience Southeast, but these photos prove a picture really is worth a thousand words.

           Our Residence Halls

          Southeast has a lot of options for finding your 安徽快3开奖直播 away from 安徽快3开奖直播. Check out the pages below for all the info on housing style plus room layouts and video tours!

           More Campus Views

          Virtually explore more of campus and degree programs in the videos below.

           What Our Students Say

          You should hear about Southeast from the students who work and live and breathe SEMO. Allow us to introduce you to a few!

           Meet the Faculty

          They’re experts in their fields and completely focused on helping you succeed. Meet a few of our immensely talented and knowledgeable faculty and staff.

           Talk to the Admissions Team

          We’re passionate about helping students find the perfect college. While, for now, we can’t visit high 安徽快3开奖直播s or schedule campus visits, we’re still here through email, text, telephone, and online meetings to answer your questions about the college search process. So, while we may not be able to personally meet, you can still ask us about programs, financial aid, and so much more!

          Lenell Hahn

          Director of Admissions

          W: (573) 986-6012
          M: (573) 275-4366

          professional photo of Lenell Hahn

          Brooke Lockhart

          Assistant Director of Admissions

          GED/HSE, 安徽快3开奖直播-Schooled, Out-of-State, Non-Traditional and Returners

          W: (573) 651-2957
          M: (573) 275-4409

          professional photo of brooke

          Alexis Dilg

          Admission Counselor

          St. Louis and St. Charles Counties

          W: (573) 651-2951
          M: (573) 275-4408

          professional photo of alexis

          Ariel Dumars

          Admission Counselor

          Cape Girardeau County and Southeast Missouri

          W: (573) 651-2969
          M: (573) 275-4348

          professional photo of ariel

          Lacy Giudicy

          Transfer Admission Counselor

          W: (573) 651-5942
          M: (573) 275-4396

          professional photo of lacey

          Tameka Herrion

          Director of Office of College安徽快3开奖直播 Planning

          St. Louis City and East St. Louis

          W: (573) 388-6206

          professional photo of tameka

          Dulce Maldonado Munoz

          Multicultural Recruitment Counselor

          Latinx Recruitment, Chicago, Kansas City, Arkansas, and Southwest Missouri

          W: (573) 651-5089 M: (573) 275-8897

          professional photo of dulce

          Thomas Romine

          Admission Counselor

          East Central Missouri, Southern Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana

          W: (573) 651-5947
          M: (573) 275-1010

          professional photo of thomas

          Emily Sachs

          Admission Counselor

          Northern, Central, and Southwest Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee

          W: (573) 651-2587
          M: (573) 271-0017

          professional photo of emily

          Rachel Woodworth

          Admission Counselor

          Northern, Central and Metro Illinois

          W: (573) 651-2844
          M: (573) 275-4414

          professional photo of rachel

          Casey Hohler

          Campus Visit and Event Coordinator

          W: (573) 651-2053
          M: (573) 576-0778

          professional photo of casey

          Zachary Howard

          Technology Coordinator

          W: (573) 651-5940

          professional photo of zach

          If you want more information or to talk with an admission counselor, please contact us us at admissions@安徽快3开奖直播.

          Contact Us


          (安徽快3开奖直播Phone) num-ber
          Building and Rm #

          One University Plaza, MS####
          Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701