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        1. COVID-19 Information

          See the latest updates and information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, including a list of University contact information at /covid19.

          Holland College安徽快3开奖直播 of Arts and Media

          More than 100 exhibitions and productions every year give students real world experience.

          Only university in the state of Missouri accredited in all four areas of the arts: art, dance, music and theatre.

          Our student newspaper regularly wins top honors in Missouri, and our mass media program is one of the only two accredited in Missouri.

          We have the largest conservatory of theatre and dance and the only dedicated arts campus in Missouri.

          Doing your dream job before landing your dream job

          Experiential learning. Those are fancy words for getting real world experience while in college. At Southeast, we believe education means more than classroom experience. That's why, here, you'll go on air, make a pitch, get a byline, take the stage, design the lighting, meet with clients or exhibit your work as part of your curriculum.

          Learn More

          Launching Extraordinary Careers

          96%of Arts & Media graduates are employed or in grad 安徽快3开奖直播 one year after graduation.

          MORE THAN
          88%of graduates say their courses gave them the skills required for their field.

          65%more money with a bachelor's degree than with a high 安徽快3开奖直播 diploma.

          1/3of our interior design graduates were offered jobs following their internships.

          MORE THAN
          4,000Arts & Media alumni connections nationwide, with more than 50 working on the Coasts and in Chicago.

          95%of our Music Education majors find employment immediately after graduation.

          Learning from Industry Leaders

          Our faculty teach because it is their passion to make you the best in a field they love. Beyond teaching, these leaders have experience doing the very thing you're pursuing. That sounds like a pretty great partnership to us.

          Meet the Faculty

          /// News & Events

          Arrow Hosts Virtual MCMA Awards Ceremony, Wins 18 Awards

          The Arrow, the student newspaper of Southeast Missouri State University, won 18 awards while hosting the 安徽快3开奖直播 Missouri College安徽快3开奖直播 Media Association (MCMA) Awards Ceremony. This year’s contest was scheduled to be held at Southeast April 3-4, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Southeast organizers and members of the MCMA executive committee shifted the two-day conference [...]

          Southeast’s Fault Line Film Festival Celebrates 10 Years with New Virtual Format

          Southeast Missouri State University’s Fault Line Film Festival will celebrate 10 years of showcasing the creative talents of filmmaking students from the University, area high 安徽快3开奖直播s and other institutions across the Midwest during an entirely online version of the Fault Line Film Festival April 10-18. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers have shifted the normal [...]

          Southeast Public Relations Professor Named Editor of AEJMC’s ‘Journalism History’

          Dr. Pam Parry, chair of the Department of Mass Media at Southeast Missouri State University, has been named the next editor of the History Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication’s (AEJMC) journal, “Journalism History.” Parry, who teaches media history at Southeast, will serve as an apprentice under current editor Greg [...]

          MORE NEWS

          Creating World Class Learning Spaces

          From Missouri’s only campus dedicated to art, dance, music, and theatre to a mass communication learning lab located right on Cape Girardeau’s media row--at the Holland College安徽快3开奖直播 of Arts & Media, you’ll be learning in facilities designed to prepare you for the professional world.

          View Facilities

          Financing Your Education

          Here’s the bottom line for your bottom line: Southeast is one of the top 2 institutions in Missouri in accreditations, and it’s in the top 5 of the lowest cost universities in the state! That means you can be assured you’re getting a quality education at an affordable price. Plus, we award $20 million in academic scholarships and 1,500 endowed scholarships each year to further help you with the cost of your degree. College安徽快3开奖直播 can be challenging, we’re working to make paying for it easier.

          Forging a Network

          Our graduates pursue exciting careers doing what they love. Find out more about what our alumni are doing, and see what you could do!

          Start Here

          /// From the Dean

          Welcome安徽快3开奖直播 to the Holland College安徽快3开奖直播 of Arts and Media. It is my honor to serve as the inaugural Dean of this new vibrant and creative college.

          We are very excited at Southeast to bring together the Department of Art and Design, the Department of Mass Media, the Department of Music, and The Jeanine Larson Dobbins Conservatory of Theatre and Dance under one college. We believe these nationally accredited academic departments represent some of the best programs in the state and the Midwest. Our facilities are diverse, ranging from the only college campus dedicated to art, dance, music, and theatre in Missouri to the Rust Center for Media in the heart of downtown Cape Girardeau.

          Students will find dynamic faculty providing countless experiential learning opportunities, such as the recent production of the original musical An American Hero produced as part of the New York Musical Festival in New York City.

          Throughout the year the Holland College安徽快3开奖直播 will host numerous open houses, tours, and scholarship auditions. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or visit us in person. We can’t wait to meet you and see what you can do!

          Rhonda Weller-Stilson
          Dean of the Holland College安徽快3开奖直播 of Arts and Media

          (573) 651-2210
          River Campus Seminary 306

          Holland College安徽快3开奖直播 of Arts and Media
          One University Plaza, MS 7895
          Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701


          (573) 651-2210
          River Campus Seminary 306

          Holland College安徽快3开奖直播 of Arts and Media
          One University Plaza, MS 7895
          Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701